7 Broncos who are likely entering their final season in 2024

Which Broncos won't be with the team after 2024?
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Everyone knows the "NFL" stands for "Not For Long" especially when it comes to the way you build your roster. The Denver Broncos have been no strangers to roster turnover in recent years, and that should be expected once again in the 2025 offseason.

Which players currently on the Broncos' roster should we expect to be gone by the 2025 offseason? Let's take a look at a handful of names who are entering the proverbial "make or break" year with the team in 2024.

1. Jarrett Stidham, QB

Jarrett Stidham's time in Denver could be limited at this point. Although the Broncos clearly think highly of Stidham, they don't think highly enough of him with the decision to select Bo Nix 12th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Coupled with the selection of Nix is the team's decision to trade for former #2 overall pick Zach Wilson.

Although Stidham has the advantage of having spent a year with Sean Payton and this coaching staff, learning the offense, and getting to know the other players on this roster, he has the disadvantage of draft status and overall talent level. And Stidham is obviously a talented guy with a good arm and the intelligence required to start at the quarterback position.

Chris Simms of Pro Football Talk considers Stidham the 40th-best QB in the NFL right now and he's not the only one who would think of him in that way. But Denver's decisions to trade for Wilson and draft Nix have flipped the sand timer on Stidham's time in Denver.