6 best Denver Broncos fantasy football team names in 2023

Fantasy Football drafts are getting closer (some leagues have already drafted), who does not want to have a cool name on their teams?

Russell Wilson
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2. Watchu talkin' 'bout Williams - Javonte Williams:

This one does not relate to a specific movie, song, brand, or character, but it is a fun one, especially with Javonte coming back from a brutal knee injury. Javonte's fantasy football value decreased a lot after his injury and uncertainty for the 2023-24 season. Now that we know that he's at 100%, people are still avoiding him in fantasy. So you can get Williams for a very very cheap value and with this name (If Javonte plays strong and well) you can make fun of your opponents, and thank them for not drafting Javonte.

3. Call of Jeudy: Black Ops 4 - Jerry Jeudy:

If you are a videogame fan, a Call of Duty fan, and you have Jerry on your team why not use this name for your team? Why Black Ops 4? Well, Modern Warfare has just two versions, and Black Ops has four. Jerry is entering his fourth season with the Broncos, and he is in a position where it could be his best one yet. Call of Duty is a killing game, and with Sean Payton, Jerry could not only be a cornerback killer, but a fantasy football killer, a league winner...