6 best Denver Broncos fantasy football team names in 2023

Fantasy Football drafts are getting closer (some leagues have already drafted), who does not want to have a cool name on their teams?

Russell Wilson
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Fantasy football is a way to manage a virtual team based on real NFL players and compete against your league opponents according to the NFL games and stats. Some leagues require cash to enter, and some are free. You can get great prizes for playing Fantasy, or play just for fun. For me, Fantasy Football is a way to enjoy football in a competitive way, which will make you watch every game to know how your players are doing in the specific week.

The NFL 2023-24 season is getting closer, which means that Fantasy Football leagues are already starting with their respective drafts, for people to select their teams. It is always fun to put a cool name to your team, based on one or more of the players you have on your team, to make your league even funnier. People sometimes get competitive for having the best team name in the league, which in the end is fun and interesting.

With that being said, I'll give you six team names that you could use in your Fantasy Football Leagues related to the Denver Broncos and their players if you end up drafting any...

Top 6 Denver Broncos-related fantasy football team names in 2023

1. Everyday I'm Russelling - Russell Wilson:

If you are a music fan, and you have Russell Wilson in your fantasy football teams, this is the perfect name for your team. Yes, I know that LMFAO stopped doing music, but their "Party Rock Anthem" song back in the day was an iconic piece, and the 'Every Day I'm Shuffling' phrase in the song was iconic too. So why not mix this phrase with Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who could win you Fantasy Football games, or even the championship?