3 Broncos to target and 2 to avoid in Fantasy Football drafts

Which Denver Broncos players should you target in fantasy football? Who should you avoid?

Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos football and NFL regular season are nearly upon us, which means that fans all over the world are gearing up for their Fantasy Football drafts. It can sometimes be hard to not talk yourself into drafting a player from your favorite team as the bias and excitement for a new season reach a yearly high. The Broncos have a mixed bag of players, some of whom you should prioritize more than others when the time for your draft comes.

Denver Broncos Player to Target:

Jerry Jeudy, WR

One of the highest-upside players the Denver Broncos have this year is Jerry Jeudy. This is a receiver who shows over and over that he has all the potential to be an elite receiver in the NFL. Now, this time hasn’t come yet,  but that can benefit you in your upcoming draft, as Jeudy isn’t someone that most people are putting a high priority on taking.

If there is a time for him to make the leap to being borderline elite, why not this season? He is entering his fourth season in the league while also getting the best coaching staff he’s had. With Sean Payton, it’s assumed the offense will take a leap, and if it does, Jeudy is going to be a huge contributor to that. Jeudy has to crack a 1,000-yard season after falling just 28 yards short last year. But, with his nearly unmatched ability to get open and better play calling and game planning this season, the sky is the limit.