5 trades Broncos will regret not making at 2023 deadline

What trades did the Denver Broncos miss out on?
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4. No defensive line trades

The Denver Broncos didn't need to go after Leonard Williams and give up a second-round pick (like the Seahawks did) by any means, but you would have loved to see them go after some defensive line help at the NFL trade deadline. To be fair, the Broncos did pick up rookie Keondre Coburn on waivers from the Chiefs, so they've got some potential reinforcements in the works, but the defensive line has been an area of concern throughout the season.

Zach Allen and DJ Jones are good players, and Mike Purcell is solid in rotation, but players like Jonathan Harris and Matt Henningsen haven't been good enough to this point. It would have been nice to see the Broncos make some type of move here, even if it was just going after more developmental help like Keondre Coburn.

5. Should Broncos have offloaded a WR?

The question has to be asked: should the Denver Broncos have offloaded one of their wide receivers?

Personally, I was in favor of keeping both Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton, but given their contract situations, Sutton's elevated value, and the lack of reps and targets right now for Marvin Mims, it's at least a question worth asking.

Especially if the motivation is to get Mims, one of the most explosive playmakers on the team, more chances to actually make plays, I think you could make an argument here. The Broncos probably aren't going to get better value for Courtland Sutton than right now with the way he's played. They clearly aren't having their asking price met regarding Jerry Jeudy, and that's not likely to happen in the offseason, either.


If they truly were motivated to offload a receiver, now would have been the time. Now, it's up to Sean Payton to help us all see the vision he's got for all of these guys together, or we're possibly going to be left wondering in the offseason: Why didn't the Broncos trade a receiver when they had the chance? Why did they keep that player just to trade/cut him in the offseason when Marvin Mims could have been getting reps.

Again, I'm not 100 percent on board with this line of thinking, but it's worth considering.

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