5 QBs the Broncos need to avoid after Russell Wilson release

Which quarterbacks do the Denver Broncos need to stay away from after the Russell Wilson release?

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Broncos Country is putting a lot of faith right now in Sean Payton to find the next franchise quarterback for the organization, but mostly because they have no other choice. Sean Payton has called his own number and is putting the future of the Denver Broncos organization in his own hands, making an unprecedented move to release quarterback Russell Wilson before his team-record five-year, $243 million contract even kicks in.

Needless to say, the pressure is on, and whatever move(s) Payton decides to make will be heavily scrutinized no matter what. But given the fact that the Broncos are moving on from the veteran Wilson, there might be some names available this offseason that we can safely say Denver needs to stay away from.

Which quarterbacks should the Broncos avoid after the Russell Wilson release?

1. Ryan Tannehill (free agent)

Ryan Tannehill's 2023 season with the Tennessee Titans was reminiscent of Joe Flacco's 2019 season with the Denver Broncos. Needless to say, it was horrendous, and it was shortened by injury. Tannehill had four touchdown passes and seven interceptions in 10 games played last year for the Titans.

Let's get real here.

If Tannehill is brought to Denver as anything but a backup quarterback, it would be a huge mistake. Sean Payton just got done doing a media circuit at the Super Bowl and Scouting Combine in which he said that the next QB name on the list post-Peyton Manning can't get crossed off. Tannehill is a name that would be almost immediately crossed off. If you can learn from past mistakes, the Broncos should learn from the 2019 Joe Flacco error and stay away from Ryan Tannehill in 2024.

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