5 players who have exceeded expectations for the Denver Broncos in 2023

There are some players on the roster who have certainly exceeded expectations in 2023.

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4. Russell Wilson, QB

Many thought (wrongly) that Russell Wilson was all washed up after watching him last year. Well, they're wrong. Sure, Wilson is not great and may never return to his pre-Denver greatness, but he's been pretty efficient this year and has put up some solid numbers.

He's thrown for 16 touchdowns on just four interceptions. His 16 touchdowns rank 4th in the NFL and his 101.7 passer rating ranks 5th in the league. He also has the 3rd-most 40-yard passing plays and just hasn't been a total liability out there. The Denver Broncos offense ranks 16th in the NFL in points per game, so the unit is significantly better than it was last year.

Wilson had 16 touchdown passes all of 2022, but has 16 through his first eight games and is on pace to throw for 34 this year. With each week that Wilson doesn't totally stink it up, he makes the argument even stronger to return to the Denver Broncos as the starter in 2024. And if Denver can keep this winning streak up, the Broncos will be out of range for a top QB prospect in 2024.

Wilson will definitely have a tough test in Week 10 when the Denver Broncos return from their bye week and face the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football.