5 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster in 2023

Is there a surprising candidate on this list who sticks out as one of the most important players on the roster?

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2. Patrick Surtain II, CB

Another position in today's NFL that needs to be strong in order to win games is cornerback. Fortunately, Denver has the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Patrick Surtain II is already a lockdown cornerback and made his first of likely many All-Pro teams last year. He's only set to enter his age-23 season and should be a long-term fixture of the defense.

Surtain's ability to thrive in any sort of coverage and his complete nature make him the best in the business. It's imperative that Surtain stays healthy in 2023 and can keep blanketing one-half of the field. Denver's secondary might be their best position group on the roster. The NFL is a pass-first league, so having a strong secondary is a huge advantage.

1. Russell Wilson, QB

This is no surprise. The most important position on the roster and the most important position crucial to the success of an NFL team is their quarterback. Russell Wilson has won at the biggest stages in the NFL. He's also lost on the biggest stages. There might not be a player under more pressure in the entire NFL than Wilson.


He turns 35 late in the season and the clock is most definitely ticking. He's never had an offensive head coach and even expressed a desire to play for Sean Payton when he was on the Seattle Seahawks. Not only that, when you consider the offensive line and the playmakers, there may not be a better overall situation that Wilson has been in during his NFL career than in 2023.

He's got no excuses now.

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