5 former Broncos struggling badly on different teams in 2023

Which former Broncos are really struggling on different teams in 2023?

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While the Denver Broncos have been slowly but surely turning things around in 2023, it hasn't exactly been the best season for a lot of former Broncos players and coaches. If this sounds like a familiar topic, it might be that you're actually reading the sequel to a piece that was written on this site last month. But sometimes the sequel is better than the original.

And, quite frankly, a lot of former Denver Broncos players and coaches are simply not doing well in different NFL cities right now. They've either discovered that the grass isn't greener, or teams made mistakes in thinking these players could be better in their programs.

Let's take (another) look at players and/or coaches who are having a rough time outside of Denver in 2023.

1. Frank Clark, EDGE

The fact that Frank Clark is a "former Bronco" is kind of a crazy thought to think. At some point, Frank Clark will appear on someone's Immaculate Grid, but for the time being, Broncos Country isn't exactly shedding any tears over his lack of success with the Seattle Seahawks this season.

When the Broncos let go of Clark, there were a lot of really dumb comments made on the internet (go figure), including sentiments like this:

It was always hilarious to me that anyone would think Frank Clark was escaping something in Denver, even as bad as the team was at the time. You can always separate the ball knowers on the internet from the non-ball knowers. Anyone who watched the Broncos or paid attention to the saga with Frank Clark knew that he stunk badly.

While it was a bad signing by the Broncos, it wasn't like Frank Clark's superstardom was being held back by what was going on in Denver. He was contributing to how horrible the team was. And since he left Denver, the Broncos have gone 5-1 while the Seahawks have dropped to 6-6. How about that? And Clark has done virtually nothing to help the Seahawks.