5 drastic changes the Denver Broncos could make defensively

- Change at CB?

- Rotating in some new pass rushers?

- Major changes to be made for Denver Broncos D

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2. Make some major changes on the DL

I would not mind seeing the Denver Broncos make some major changes to the defensive line here ahead of Week 4. Big-money free agent pickups like Zach Allen and DJ Jones have simply not been good enough in the early portion of the 2023 season. You expect big-money free agent additions to play like seasoned veterans, and these guys have unfortunately been getting run all over.

Part of the problem here is that the incompetence of the defensive line thus far has caused the linebackers to suffer as well. Offensive linemen are having no issues getting to the second level and the linebackers aren't being properly protected by the defensive linemen up front. Not only are these guys not causing havoc, it's hardly even noticeable that they're in the game at all.

Perhaps throwing Elijah Garcia into the mix more often isn't the worst idea.

3. Rotate in the new blood off the EDGE

The Denver Broncos recently brought in Ronnie Perkins off of the New England Patriots practice squad. It was an intriguing move from the perspective that Perkins played alongside Nik Bonitto when the two were at Oklahoma together, and they were both coached by Jamar Cain with the Sooners. Cain is now the Denver Broncos' pass rush specialist on the coaching staff.

But regardless of their connections, it might be time to try some of that new blood off the edge in Denver. Randy Gregory is simply not cutting it right now and looks like a complete bust of a free agent signing. He missed most of last season due to injury, and he's done almost nothing out there so far in 2023.

Whether they give more snaps to Thomas Incoom, Ronnie Perkins, Nik Bonitto, or someone else, I think the Broncos should see what they've got in some of these other EDGE guys, even if it's just rotating them in to begin with.