5 Denver Broncos who only have a few weeks left with the team

Which Denver Broncos only have a few weeks left with the team?

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There are only six weeks left in the 2023 NFL season, which means there are a lot of players who only have a handful of weeks left with the team. You can't keep the band together year over year in the NFL, and especially when you're only entering into the second season with a new head coach, you're going to have plenty of roster turnover.

With just over one month left in the season, which Denver Broncos players could be in their final few weeks with the team? There are a handful of players who are slated for 2024 NFL free agency that could end up getting let go when the season is done.

Let's take a look at some of the most likely candidates to be in their final weeks as Denver Broncos.

1. K'Waun Williams, CB

The Denver Broncos signed K'Waun Williams to a two-year deal in 2022 NFL free agency, and it looked like one of the best signings the team made last offseason. Even when he was playing injured, Williams was playing extremely well for the Broncos as a slot cornerback. He even had a victory-sealing interception off of Trevor Lawrence in the team's game against the Jaguars in London last season.

As good as Williams was in 2022, we haven't gotten the chance to see him at all in 2023. He's been out with a foot injury since the preseason, and while the team had some hope he could return for the second half of this year, that hope has been lost and Williams won't make any appearances this year.

In the absence of K'Waun Williams, young Ja'Quan McMillian has done a tremendous job and looks like he will be the team's slot going forward. Especially considering Williams will be 33 in the Summer, I don't see any way he's back in Denver in 2024.