5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat for the 2023 season

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5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat entering 2023
5. Randy Gregory, EDGE

Randy Gregory was a huge free agency addition for the Broncos in 2022. He played just six games in 2022, continuing the trend of not being available on the field. He registered two sacks and did look very good at the beginning of the season.

A knee injury sidelined him for 11 games, which is a shame because he's a very talented player. The Broncos can get out of this deal in 2024, so Gregory might not be a Bronco after 2023. However, just because he had a rough first season, does not mean he can't bounce back in 2023.

What happens if Gregory stays healthy, plays 15 games, and registers 12.0 sacks? Denver would have to keep him at that point. His talent is there. The past production is there.

He was a very highly-ranked draft pick out of Nebraska for a reason. Can Randy Gregory finally put something worthwhile on the field? Can he stay healthy? Perhaps the prospect of becoming unemployed will prompt Gregory to play well in 2023.

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