5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat for the 2023 season

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5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat entering 2023
4. Russell Wilson, Quarterback

This is an obvious one. The team signed Jarrett Stidham in free agency, and Head Coach Sean Payton really talked him up and seems to think that he's got legitimate talent to be a starter in the NFL.

Payton is also not tied to Wilson in any way and even though the financial ramifications would be hard to absorb, Denver could cut Russell Wilson next year. They would not save money against that year's cap figure and would have to eat $35 million in dead money, so it would be hard, but it's possible.

Wilson was putrid in 2022, but many think that the offensive scheme and lack of quality coaching were the main reasons why Wilson was not very good. Perhaps if the Denver Broncos become a run-first, play-action team, we'll see the old Russell Wilson.

I personally think that Russell Wilson is not washed, or whatever negative adjective people want to use to describe him. He's a Hall of Fame quarterback and will return to his old self in 2023, and he'll need to do that to save his job.