5 Broncos whose stock is soaring amidst stunning playoff run

Which Denver Broncos are seeing their stock soar as the team makes a playoff run?

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5. Offensive Line

Yes, there's a bit of a bad taste in the mouths of fans regarding the offensive line after their performance against the Houston Texans. The Broncos certainly allowed too much pressure against Houston, but during this stretch of games where the team has been winning, the offensive line has been mostly fantastic.

We've talked about a number of players up front who have made themselves a lot of money over the last two months, and I think that stands true even today.

I don't know that you could have asked for more from guys like Garett Bolles in that matchup against Cleveland, where the offensive line held Myles Garrett -- of all players -- without a QB hit or sack. The Broncos also ran the ball a whopping 39 times in that game and imposed their will physically over a great defensive front.


What we've also been seeing is fewer penalties. The Broncos had just two penalties called against them when they played Houston, although they were big ones. They were called for being offsides once and Alex Singleton was obviously called for a backbreaking personal conduct foul.

The offensive line has been playing much cleaner football. If they can shore up the protection, especially on third down, they will continue to be a major reason why this team is winning games into the playoffs.

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