5 Broncos who may not finish out their current deals with the team

The Denver Broncos salary cap crunch might force them to part with players who still have contract years left on their deal with the team.

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2. Justin Simmons, S

Justin Simmons has not made the playoffs in the NFL. He has been with the Denver Broncos since 2016, experiencing just one winning season. Simmons turns 31 during the 2024 NFL Season, is under contract for just one more season, and plays a position that isn't too valuable. However, Simmons is still the best safety in the NFL and just wrapped up another dominant season.

The best path forward for the Broncos and Simmons is to seek a fresh start. Denver doesn't have much business paying a safety as much as they are paying Simmons. A trade in 2024 would save the Broncos $14.5 million on their 2024 cap, and those are cap savings the team definitely needs. They could use that money to help in erasing their cap overage.

And there is quite a bit of safety talent in the free agent market this offseason, so that is something to note. The best situation here is for the Broncos to acquire a mid-round pick for Simmons instead of risking letting him leave in free agency in 2025.

But at the same time, would the Broncos really re-sign a safety who would turn 32 years old during the 2025 NFL Season? I don't think so.