2024 NFL Free Agency: Denver Broncos fix their defense

Let's put together a 2024 free agency haul for the Denver Broncos

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I do think the Denver Broncos are going to hit the free agency market to fix their defense, which is lacking a good bit of talent. The Broncos 1-5 start in 2023 was 99% because of their defense. It was on a historically bad pace, but a mid-season turnaround fueled by that historic flip on defense had the Broncos finishing 7-4 over their last 11 games.

For two-thirds of the season, Denver was a good football team; the record says they were. So, just imagine for a second if Denver just split their first six games in 2023. Imagine if their defense wasn't a total disaster to begin the season. The Broncos probably make the postseason and win double-digit games.

So in my opinion, I think the defense can definitely start the 2024 NFL Season off on the right foot with a solid free agency haul and some added help in the 2024 NFL Draft. What would an ideal free agency haul on defense look like for the Broncos?

1. Danielle Hunter, EDGE

Danielle Hunter was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings back in 2015, and that was when George Paton was in their front office, so there is a clear connection there. Denver needs a significant boost to their pass rush, and Hunter had the best year of his career in 2023 as an outside pass rusher. Hunter has also played with his hand in the dirt as well, so this is someone who Vance Joseph could deploy in a variety of packages.

Hunter is the juice that the Broncos need along the defensive front, but they don't stop there.