5 Broncos who may not finish out their current deals with the team

The Denver Broncos salary cap crunch might force them to part with players who still have contract years left on their deal with the team.

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The Denver Broncos roster is going to get both younger and cheaper in future seasons. Which players could the team part ways with to accomplish that? A youth movement is exactly what the team has needed for years. The Broncos definitely took a step forward in 2023, improving from five wins in 2022 to eight in 2023. The team finished the 2023 NFL Season on a 7-4 stretch.

Had they not started 1-5, this would have been a double-digit win team, as crazy as that might sound. I think it's safe to say that Sean Payton and his coaching staff are the right people for the job. However, at the end of the day, it's the players who need to execute.

Regarding the players, which five might not finish their current deals with the team?

1. Russell Wilson, QB

The most obvious player is Russell Wilson, who could be released by the Denver Broncos this offseason. Wherever you look, you can surely find various reports and rumors that the Broncos and Wilson could agree to some type of revised deal to lessen his financial impact on the team and potentially keep him in Denver for 2024.

However, that solution might not come to fruition, so the Broncos could simply opt to cut the player absorbing a dead cap charge nearing $100 million across two seasons. Ideally, these conversations aren't happening, but Wilson has not lived up to his deal and is clearly not the QB he once was.

There is no indication right now what could happen with Wilson, but he could be released, not finishing his contract with the team.

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