5 Broncos to blame for atrocious loss to Patriots on Christmas Eve

Who is to blame for the Denver Broncos' gut-wrenching loss on Christmas Eve?

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2. Russell Wilson, quarterback

Russell Wilson's statistics make it look like he had a pretty good game against the Patriots, but statistics rarely tell the entire story.

I've consistently been one of Russell Wilson's biggest supporters through a lot of the rough times in Denver -- and there have been many -- but I think enough is enough when it comes to watching this offense flounder week after week. The Broncos are trying to be an offense that hits as many layups and three-pointers as possible, but they have no mid-range game.

This team was 4-of-13 in 3rd down situations, and Russell Wilson is largely to blame for that. He was sacked five times in this game. He nearly threw three interceptions in this game. Now, was Russ also a major reason why the Broncos were able to mount a 16-point comeback in the 4th? Absolutely. He's definitely got the clutch gene. But the Broncos need something more sustainable offensively than what Russell Wilson is providing.

3. Marvin Mims, WR/KR/PR

Marvin Mims giveth, and Marvin Mims taketh. Mims had a couple of incredible plays for the Broncos' offense in this game against the Patriots, including one of the best catches you'll see all year. He had an outstanding punt return that set the Broncos up in scoring position.

He also had a fumble on a kickoff return at the worst possible time. The Broncos had just gone down 16-9 and it felt like an insurmountable lead at the time for the Patriots. It felt like a dagger to the season when Mims fumbled a kickoff return and the Patriots recovered it for a touchdown to go up 23-9.

Mims's big reception helped the Broncos come back in the 4th quarter, but the damage was done on his fumbled kickoff return.