5 Broncos players who need to be gone before 2024 season

There is no denying that these players need to be gone before the 2024 season begins.

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4. Justin Simmons, S

This is the time to move on from Justin Simmons and get a third-round pick back for him in the 2024 NFL Draft. Simmons has just one more year left on his deal with the Denver Broncos and will turn 31 during the 2024 season. I don't think it'd be likely that the team would jump on the chance to re-sign Simmons entering his age-32 season in 2025.

And frankly, the Broncos owe Simmons. With the team since 2016, Simmons has been with the Broncos each year of the post-Peyton Manning era, so he has enjoyed just one winning season. With another strong season from the stud safety, he's got respectable trade value. The Broncos can save nearly $15 million by trading a 30-year-old safety in 2024.

How is that not an extremely obvious move to make? This is nothing against Simmons the player or person, but the time is now for a split. Sean Payton could help lessen the blow of losing Simmons if he were to bring back a former draft pick of his, CJ Gardner-Johnson, who is just 26, a free agent in 2024, and a versatile DB.

There are other safeties set to hit the open market as well who won't cost nearly as much as Simmons currently does. Trading Simmons to a contender who needs the secondary help (Philly or Detroit) would be a great move for the Broncos and Justin.