4 ways the Denver Broncos will beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 3

How can the Denver Broncos overcome the bearing odds in a highly anticipated matchup against the undefeated Miami Dolphins?

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos
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3. Begin second half with urgency

Regardless if the Broncos are receiving the kickoff at the start of the second half, they will need to carry a sense of urgency right off the bat, even if they are in control with the lead. Through the first two games, the Broncos have scored a low combined 15 points in the second half altogether compared to a total of 34 points they have scored in the first half. Scoring-wise, the Broncos have more than doubled their point total in the first half as opposed to the second half.

In Denver's last nine matchups, they obtained a lead at halftime, and they went on to lose every single game. This is not what good football teams do and there have to be adjustments made for this matchup and moving forward.

The Miami Dolphins are very familiar with reclaiming leads despite large deficits in past years and will most definitely crawl back into the game if the Broncos lose sight of their lead. Overall, the Broncos' offense has produced a fair amount of scores early in the season, however, has been too sporadic to keep up with just about any team.

Denver's defense is obviously a major part of the problem as growth is expected to transpire as soon as this week however, Russell Wilson and the offense will need to play clean and smart football in the second half come Sunday if they want any chance of matching Miami's high-powered offense.