4 players who will be critical to Denver Broncos success in 2024

The upcoming NFL season for the Denver Broncos might be an ugly one with lower expectations but here are four players who may have higher expectations in 2024.
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2. Patrick Surtain II, CB

Now, I get what you are already thinking -- Why on earth does Patrick Surtain need to step up in 2024 when he's already the best cornerback in football? Well with the release of Justin Simmons, Surtain is now the most talented and best player on the defensive side of the ball (although a case can be made he already was the most talented).

With Simmons now out of the Mile High City, Surtain is the new unquestioned leader on defense, a role I think he will excel in but it's one he hasn't had to take over since he's been with Denver. Surtain doesn't need to elevate his play as he is already an elite cornerback, but now he will need to transition into the role of elevating those players around him and becoming the voice of the defense with Simmons out.

While some people may think rebuilding a franchise around a cornerback isn't a good idea, Denver will likely do just that.