4 players who could be playing their last game as Broncos vs. Chiefs

Which Denver Broncos players could be playing their last game with the team on Thursday?

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2. Jerry Jeudy, wide receiver

Another wide receiver on the Denver Broncos right now who could be on the move after this Kansas City game, depending on the result, is wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. The Broncos haven't quite involved Jeudy like anyone hoped they would when he was selected with the 15th overall pick back in 2020, but the combination of injuries, bad play-calling, and circumstances surrounding him have seemingly preserved his value.

I'm not sure the Broncos could get a second-round pick for Jerry Jeudy at this point, but it all depends on how badly another team wants him and how many teams are competing for his services.

Jeudy has proven himself to be an elite-level route runner. He can create separation in man coverage with ease, and does an awesome job of making plays after the catch. Many fans in Denver criticize Jeudy for an issue with dropped passes, but that hasn't truly been an "issue" since his rookie season back in 2020. Jeudy has corrected that problem, and has been a nice big-play threat when the Broncos actually make it a point to involve him in the offense.

I wouldn't say I'm the biggest proponent of trading Jerry Jeudy. In fact, if you were to ask me to pick sides, I would say I'm team don't trade Jerry Jeudy. But the Broncos might be able to get a couple of decent draft selections for him and they obviously are going to ramp up Marvin Mims's role in the offense as the season goes along.

If the right offer comes along, I could see this being Jerry Jeudy's last game in Denver.