4 emergency QB options if Russell Wilson goes down in the 2023 season

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Even though he's stayed nearly perfectly healthy during his career, there's always the chance of injury to Russell Wilson. Who could be among the emergency QB options if Denver loses their QB1? This could be a total disaster, especially if the Broncos were to lose Wilson during the season as the team is fighting for a playoff spot.

Wilson did get banged up a bit last year, including a torn lat and an injured hamstring. It was a bit worrisome to see the veteran QB get hurt more than he ever has during his NFL career. The hope here, obviously, is that Wilson's body is not breaking down and the injuries were more so the poor offensive line.

Hopefully, Russell Wilson can be reigned in a bit with Sean Payton. Well, let's say the unthinkable happens and Russell Wilson goes down right as the Broncos wrap up a 5-3 first half of the season right before the trade deadline. They'd obviously be firmly in the playoff race entering their bye week.

Who would be some emergency QB options for the team in this case?

4 emergency QB options if Russell Wilson goes down in the 2023 season

1. Jarrett Stidham

Jarrett Stidham was given $10 million by the Denver Broncos this offseason to be the backup QB to Russell Wilson. It was a very puzzling move, but head coach Sean Payton has spoken very highly of Stidham this offseason. Payton seems to believe that Stidham could hold the fort down in the event that Wilson stinks it up or gets hurt. He'd obviously be the first option if Wilson got hurt and had to miss some time.