4 Denver Broncos with everything to lose in the 2024 NFL Season

These four Denver Broncos have everything to lose in 2024.
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There are some Denver Broncos players on the roster that have quite a bit to lose if their 2024 season doesn't go as well as they hope. The NFL is a tough business sometimes, and the work is never done in building and maintaining a winning NFL team. In many instances, that calls for extremely tough decisions to be made.

And for the Denver Broncos, there are four players who have quite a bit to lose in the 2024 NFL Season if it does not go their way. We're talking about as severe enough as not being in the league after this season.

The time is now for these four Broncos.

4 Denver Broncos with everything to lose in the 2024 NFL Season
Greg Dulcich, TE

This is it for Greg Dulcich, honestly. He's now in year three and has barely played through two seasons in the NFL due to nagging injuries. It's actually a bit of a shock that the Denver Broncos did not take a tight end in the 2024 NFL Draft, and they seem poised to roll with Dulcich, Adam Trautman, and Lucas Krull in the TE room for the 2024 NFL Season.

But in his rookie season, Dulcich did haul in 33 passes for 411 yards and two touchdowns. He did that in 10 games, and if Dulcich had kept that pace up and played a full 17-game season, he'd have been on pace for 56 receptions and 699 yards, so it's not like he hasn't produced before.

But he was limited to just two games in 2023. If Dulcich cannot stay healthy for most of the season, the Broncos will surely look for his replacement, which could lead him to be cut from the roster. If he can finally stay healthy and produce like he did during his rookie season, Denver has their TE1 of the future.

Javonte Williams, RB

Javonte Williams has not been great through three seasons in the NFL, as he averaged less than four yards per carry in 2023, clearly still impacted by his major 2022 knee injury. Williams was a second-round draft pick and a bad one at that. He'll also be a free agent at the end of the season, so this could be a huge year for the young RB.

If Javonte Williams can put a full season together and resume his rookie season form, he could easily eclipse 1,000 yards and earn a modest contract extension. If not, the Denver Broncos probably do not bring him back in free agency, and he may then have to continue his career as a RB2, which also hurts is financial potential in the NFL.