Predicting the Denver Broncos starting offensive line in the 2025 NFL Season

Let's get way ahead of ourselves and predict the team's starting offensive line for 2025.
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The Denver Broncos offensive line is actually a stronger unit in the NFL for 2024. Well, let's try to predict the starting unit for the 2025 NFL Season. The 2024 NFL Season has not even started yet, but we're looking toward 2025? Yes, yes we are.

Anyway, the Denver Broncos have something here with their offensive line, so it'd be wise if the team continued to invest into the unit now and in the future. With some big decisions looming for this unit, let's try and predict the starting OL for the 2025 NFL Season.

Predicting the Denver Broncos starting offensive line in the 2025 NFL Season
Left Tackle: Garett Bolles

I sure hope the Denver Broncos plan on extending Garett Bolles, as he's shown no signs of slowing down and will be a free agent in 2025. Denver should lock to sign him to a short-term extension, perhaps in the two-year range.

Bolles just recently turned 32 years old, so there might be several more years left in the tank for the former first-round draft pick. The tackle began his NFL career just about as badly a a player could, but at the tail-end of the 2019 NFL Season, something clicked for Bolles, as he then enjoyed an elite season in 2020.

Since then, Garett Bolles has kind of leveled out as an above-average tackle. He's not been nearly as bad as he was at the beginning of his career, but he's also not regained his 2020 form. Nonetheless, this is an obvious contract extension that the Broncos need to do.

Left Guard: Calvin Throckmorton

I would love this scenario, actually. The Denver Broncos made a quite but savvy move in signing Calvin Throckmorton this offseason. Throckmorton went to Oregon and was an undrafted free agent signing by the New Orleans Saints. In fat, during his rookie season in 2021, he suited up for all 17 games, and started 14 of them.

He was a competent starting guard for the Saints, and the Denver Broncos can get out of Ben Powers' contract at the end of the 2024 NFL Season. With the team extending Bolles, at least in my view, and Quinn Meinerz needing a new deal, it would make a ton of sense to get cheaper at this position, but I do not think there would be a huge drop-off in play going from Powers to Throckmorton.