4 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos in Week 4 vs. the Chicago Bears

- Russell Wilson going off?

- Defense rebounding?

- Broncos getting back on track in Week 4?

Denver Broncos
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3. Broncos score a defensive touchdown

Perhaps this is the week that the Denver Broncos' defense shows up for an entire game. Fortunately, if there is any opponent to score a defensive TD against, it's the Bears. Justin Fields is dreadfully bad; he stands in the pocket way too long and also isn't exactly being done any favors by his OL, which is below average.

A pick-six feels like the most likely form of said defensive TD. I understand that the secondary has been beaten pretty badly this season, but especially if Justin Simmons plays, I'd tend to pick Simmons, Kareem Jackson, and Patrick Surtain II over Fields.

4. The Denver Broncos WIN

Bold, right? The Denver Broncos are going to win on Sunday. I guarantee it. This is a pretty bad team on defense, but Sean Payton has been through tough stretches before as a head coach, so this is not new to them.


The Chicago Bears have also not won a football game in about one calendar year, and I am not about to sit my rear end down on the couch and watch my favorite team lose to Justin Fields and Matt Eberflus.

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