4 big changes Denver Broncos should make on defense for Week 5

A win in Week 4 was great, but the Denver Broncos defense still has some serious issues.
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2. Get Damarri Mathis out of the starting lineup and put in Riley Moss

According to Pro Football Reference, Riley Moss has logged 0 snaps on defense and just 34 on special teams. We've hardly seen moss take the field in 2023, and I think it's time for Mathis to find a new home along the best. Moss is a few inches taller than Mathis, so maybe the added length could help Moss find an advantage over Mathis.

Mathis has been horrible this year in coverage and has allowed numerous touchdowns. Of course, the Broncos' CB2 last year, Ronald Darby, is currently playing very good football for the Baltimore Ravens. Mathis was a mid-round pick and the hit rate for mid-rounders is pretty low. It's clear that Mathis needs to not be in the starting lineup.

3. Move Kareem Jackson closer to the line of scrimmage

Kareem Jackson is not good anymore at safety. He's a liability in coverage, much like Damarri Mathis is. Well, what if the Denver Broncos decided to move Kareem Jackson closer to the line of scrimmage? Jackson, if nothing else, is a hard-hitting player and often plays more like a linebacker than a safety.

It's clear that the aging Jackson has lost a step, so why not stick him closer to the line of scrimmage and let him blitz a few times a game? With Justin Simmons perhaps returning in Week 5, the Broncos might be able to afford to move Jackson out of playing a safety role, especially with this last change I am proposing.