4 big changes Denver Broncos should make on defense for Week 5

A win in Week 4 was great, but the Denver Broncos defense still has some serious issues.

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At this point, the Denver Broncos need to try something, anything, to try and make the defense better. I am proposing trying one or more of these four changes. Let it be known that I am not an X's and O's person nor am I close to being smart enough to serve as a coach on an NFL staff.

However, no one needs to be an expert to see how bad the defense has been in 2023. It's been the worst in the NFL. There's virtually nothing positive to take from it, which is saying something. I guess Nik Bonitto and Jonathon Cooper have been nice surprises, but that's about it.

All three levels of the defense have issues that need to be corrected if the Broncos want to try and salvage this season. Let's take a look at four big changes the Broncos can make after Week 4.

4 big changes the Denver Broncos should make on defense after Week 4

1. Move Frank Clark to the DL

Well, I had originally had Randy Gregory included in this, but he's not on the team anymore after being cut on Wednesday. With Frank Clark likely slated to come back in Week 5 against the New York Jets, I say why not try him with his hand in the dirt? Clark has played along the defensive line before in a 4-3 defense, so it might not be the best of fits.

However, my reasoning here is basically, "What do the Broncos have to lose at this point?" I think this is especially true with Baron Browning hopefully returning soon. Browning, Nik Bonitto, and Jonathon Cooper could primarily rush the passer while Clark perhaps alternates between playing along the defensive line and rushing off the EDGE when needed.

The defensive line has gotten worked this year, so I think all options should be on the table.