3 ways the Denver Broncos can still win the 2024 NFL Offseason

The Denver Broncos can still make a few splashes in the 2024 NFL Offseason.
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2. Extend OG Quinn Meinerz and CB Patrick Surtain II

Two obvious decisions the Denver Broncos should make are locking up their two best players for the long-term. Patrick Surtain II and Quinn Meinerz are no less than top-three at their respective positions. And both came in the 2021 NFL Draft, so George Paton should get a ton of credit for these two players, who are foundational pieces.

To me, it seems more likely that Surtain receives an extension first, but you never know. I'd not be shocked if Meinerz signed a deal worth at least $20 million per season, and Surtain should easily cross that number. Yes, contract extensions are expensive, but that can also be a good thing. The Denver Broncos have at least two core players that they should not hesistate to pay big money to.

3. Get a third-round pick for Courtland Sutton

I mean, if Courtland Sutton is unhappy, then the Broncos should trade him. Frankly, the team should only roster players who want to be on the team, and I am not so sure Sutton is thrilled about being a Denver Bronco anymore. The release of Russell Wilson probably rubbed him the wrong way, as Sutton had the best year of his career in 2023, at least from a touchdown perspective.

If the Denver Broncos can steal a third-round pick from some team for Sutton, they should make the move. Sutton has just two years left on his deal and has just $2 million in guaranteed money left, so a team that acquires Sutton would likely have to extend him for another year or two.

With Troy Franklin and Josh Reynolds now in the WR room, Sutton could be expendable.