3 ways the Denver Broncos can still win the 2024 NFL Offseason

The Denver Broncos can still make a few splashes in the 2024 NFL Offseason.
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Overall, it's hard to complain about the offseason that the Denver Broncos have had. They've attacked their roster weaknesses but still could make a few more killer moves. Why stop now? The Broncos clearly are trying to win now, and with the way some rookie QBs have played in recent seasons, you better believe that Sean Payton knows he can win with a rookie.

At this point, the Denver Broncos ceiling in 2024 is what the Houston Texans did in 2023. It might be a lofty goal to hit, but what would stop Denver from getting there? The roster is in a much better spot now than it was in last year. And even with the clear roster upgrades, the Broncos can still make a few more moves to win the offseason.

1. Sign DE Emmanuel Ogbah

Why not? The Denver Broncos clearly prioritized their defensive line this offseason, adding all of Malcolm Roach, Rashard Lawrence, Angelo Blackson, and John Franklin-Myers. But if we're being real here, only Franklin-Myers is a starting-level player, but the depth has certainly gotten much better. Denver shouldn't stop adding to the DL, and Emmanuel Ogbah makes sense.

He's 30 years old and from 2020-2021, had a combined 18 sacks, 17 passes defended, 15 tackles for loss, and 45 QB hits. His production hasn't been quite that high over the last two seasons, but what is the harm in adding a starting-caliber DE to the mix? I mean, outside of Zach Allen and JFM, the Broncos still have some room for improvement.