3 way too early free agents the Broncos must pursue in the 2025 NFL offseason

Let's continue to look down the road into 2025.
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The Denver Broncos could be in a great situation for 2025 and beyond if QB Bo Nix ends up being legitimate. Could they have these three free agents in mind next offseason? I love getting ahead of myself and looking toward 2025, as the next season could end up being the start of something special for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos took Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and much of their future hinges on how Nix performs as a rookie. If he performs well enough, the Broncos can go crazy in 2025. If he doesn't show a ton of promise, the Broncos might be stuck in the mud.

Let's take a look at three way too early free agents the Broncos could pursue in 2025.

3 way too early free agents the Broncos must pursue in the 2025 NFL offseason
BJ Hill, DT

BJ Hill has been in the NFL since 2018, but he might not be much of a household name to you. However, Hill has produced as quite a high level for a defensive tackle. He began his career with the New York Giants and is currently on the Cincinnati Bengals. Across the last three seasons with the Bengals, Hill has racked up 13 sacks, nine passes defended, 12 tackles for loss, and 44 QB hits.

He's been a menace from the defensive interior, and he'd be much better than DJ Jones, who the Broncos could elect to let explore the free agency market in 2025. Potentially replacing DJ Jones with BJ Hill would be a great move, as Hill is simply the better player and is a viable pass-rush threat from the interior.

A starting defensive line of Zach Allen, BJ Hill, and John Franklin-Myers is all of a sudden quite good.