3 way too early 2025 NFL Draft targets for the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have a few obvious needs beyond 2024.
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Defensive Line

The Broncos defensive line definitely improved this offseason, but it still could be a need. DJ Jones is a free agent next offseason, and Zach Allen would be entering the final year of his contract in 2025. While the unit looks competent for this year, more movement could happen next offseason. Furthermore, the unit still doesn't seem to have a true alpha on the inside.

It's a huge mark on the roster, as the Broncos would be significantly better if they found an elite defensive lineman. The 2025 NFL Draft could be a place where they look to even use their first-round pick on a DT prospect. Getting to the QB is the second-most important part of a winning roster. Denver did not do that consistently in 2023.

Tight End

Well, the Broncos don't have much at tight end. Sure, Greg Dulcich could magically stay healthy in 2024, but it might not happen. Lucas Krull could be a fun option for the team if he's able to breakout, but those scenarios both seem unlikely. The other notable player in this room is Adam Trautman, who is just a guy. He can block well enough and catch a pass or two when needed.

He's not a TE1 and not nearly the explosive player that Denver has needed from this position for years now. While having an elite tight end is not necessary to win Super Bowls, Denver doesn't even have a viable receiving option from this unit. It's not the most urgent of positions for Denver, but it's the least-talented on the roster.

So you have to figure that the 2025 NFL Draft could be where Denver tries to fix this unit.