3 Veteran QBs who could start for Broncos if Russell Wilson leaves

Which veteran QBs could be bridges if Russell Wilson is gone in 2024?
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The 2023 Denver Broncos are already out of any sort of playoff race and could be looking to completely tear down their roster following the 2023 season. One of the main names that could be on the move out of Denver is Russell Wilson. Wilson is signed in Denver for three more years after 2023, but the 2024 season is the first year the Broncos could move on from Wilson without "major" cap issues.

If the Broncos tear down and move on from Wilson, the Broncos would be looking for a new signal caller. Here are three NFL veteran quarterbacks who could be the Broncos started in 2024 if the team moves on from Russell Wilson.

3 veteran QBs the Denver Broncos could turn to if Russell Wilson leaves

1) Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins will be the most notable free agent quarterback on the open market this spring, but whether or not he actually leaves Minnesota is a different question. Cousins is coming off leading the Vikings to the NFC's number two seed in 2022, but 2023 has been a much different experience for the Vikings. Justin Jefferson is expected to be out for a considerable amount of time, the defense has regressed, and the Vikings own a 2-4 record. Considering he is now at the end of his contract, it would not be surprising if the Vikings and Cousins went separate ways this spring.

Cousins could make a lot of sense for the Broncos if they move on from Russell Wilson. Cousins will be the most accomplished quarterback on the free agent market, have the best individual stats, but also command the most money. However, Cousins would be signing on for his age-36 season, and likely the next few after that. Cousins' last six years have all been in Minnesota, putting up over 22,500 passing yards, 167 touchdowns, and just 54 touchdowns.

Cousins' tenure in Minnesota could parlay him to a big payday this spring, potentially to become the Broncos' new quarterback. Plus, the Broncos have a pretty good track record with veteran quarterbacks coming to Denver.