3 unexpected free agent signings the Denver Broncos can make happen

With regular season games right around the corner, could the Denver Broncos make a few more free agency signings?
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3. Denver Broncos can sign Dalvin Cook

There is absolutely no indication that the Broncos are in the Dalvin Cook sweepstakes. In fact, all of the momentum seems to belong to the New York Jets. Cook recently visited New York and apparently even watched one of their practices in person.

And, from Cook himself, he said that Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers even reached out after Rodgers took a pay cut:

I think unless something major happens, Dalvin Cook is going to sign with the Jets, which would be bad news for the Denver Broncos. The four-time Pro Bowler was cut by the Minnesota Vikings earlier this offseason. He was drafted by them in 2017 while Broncos' GM George Paton was still in the Vikes' front office.


There is a connection between Cook and the Broncos, and Denver still might have an argument to add to their RB room, even though Javonte Williams was recently cleared for contact. I do think signing Dalvin Cook would be the one free agent move that I'd want to see the most (outside of perhaps signing Yannick Ngakoue) but I don't think Cook has an interest in the Denver Broncos.

With the recent rivalry developing between the Broncos and the Jets, I do wonder how petty Denver wants to be. Could Sean Payton slide a richer contract offer for Dalvin Cook than the Jets' offer? Could we see Payton pull out all the stops to try and sign Cook if there is more indication that he signs with New York?

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