3 trade-up scenarios to land Denver Broncos' new franchise QB

How can the Broncos move up for one of the top-four quarterback prospects?
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As of now, the heavy favorite to be drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft is Oregon quarterback Bo Nix. All signs seem to be currently pointing in that direction and it would not be a surprise if he were the selection with the 12th overall pick. However, if head coach Sean Payton doesn't necessarily grade Nix as high as the other top quarterback prospects, could the Broncos sneak their way into the top 10 picks to acquire one of these talented young signal-callers? While they'll certainly have competition from teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Las Vegas Raiders, there is still a strong possibility.

1. Broncos move up for QB J.J. McCarthy:


Every single year, we witness at least one quarterback prospect fall down draft boards during the first round. Michigan's J.J. McCarthy could certainly be this year's example of just that. Of course, there still remains a strong possibility that quarterbacks are selected in the first four picks, however, McCarthy's pre-draft hype could be a tad bit overblown. If Sean Payton feels the desire to move up for McCarthy's talents and doesn't mind surrendering a future first round pick in the process, the Atlanta Falcons could make a lot of sense as a trade partner to move down just four spots.

2. Broncos move up for QB Drake Maye:


Unlike the previous mock trade, this one is a bit more aggressive. The Broncos move up eight spots in the first round to select North Carolina's Drake Maye with the fourth overall pick. This would be a scenario where the New England Patriots decide to pass on a quarterback with the third overall pick and thus open up the door for a bidding war for the fourth overall pick. Arizona Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort has made it publicly known he is open to moving down from the fourth pick and it is well-known that Sean Payton will do anything it takes to pursue his wanted candidate. It would be unfortunate to move on from star cornerback Patrick Surtain, however, this would likely be the only deal breaker to outbid the Minnesota Vikings.

3. Broncos move up for QB J.J. McCarthy:


In the last mock trade, the Broncos trade up just three spots to select J.J. McCarthy with the ninth overall pick. The Chicago Bears obtain just four picks in the upcoming draft and could make a lot of sense as a trade partner if McCarthy fell as low as the ninth overall pick. Bears general manager Ryan Poles will certainly possess a lot of leverage in this scenario, however, it would be an ideal trade for both sides.

Denver can help Chicago snag away McCarthy from Minnesota, who is in Chicago's division, and the Broncos can land their franchise quarterback while Chicago can still draft one of the top offensive weapons with the 12th overall pick—a win-win scenario for both sides.

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