Ranking Denver Broncos' 5 biggest draft gems of the last decade

Looking at every player the team has drafted in the last 10 years, who are the five best players the Broncos have selected? Here are Nos. 6-10.

10. Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

9. Trevor Siemian, QB, Northwestern

8. Quinn Meinerz, G, Wisconsin-Whitewater

7. Matt Paradis, C, Boise State

6. Bradley Chubb, OLB, North Carolina State

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As we count down the days to the 2024 NFL Draft, Broncos Country is hoping the team knocks one out of the park with this year's draft class.

Looking back at team history, it's easy to talk about the biggest draft busts, those that usually elicit feelings of major disappointment. But the Broncos need some positive vibes, so let's stay positive here and look at the best draft picks the team has made.

Looking across the last decade, the Broncos have had several head coaches, a couple of different general managers and a new ownership group.

Think back to some of the best picks the team has made in that time. We are going to rank the five best here in terms of overall talent, production to the team and longevity. The best draft picks are the ones that bring sustained success and are not just a flash in the pan.

The Broncos are going to need to find some of those in this draft. Here are some draft picks the team has made that could help draw some inspiration.

Ranking Denver Broncos' 5 biggest draft gems of the last decade

Josey Jewell, Denver Broncos
May 12, 2018; Englewood, Denver, USA; Denver Broncos inside linebacker Josey Jewell (47) at the team's rookie mini-camp. / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

5. Josey Jewell, LB, Iowa (2018)

The Broncos drafted Josey Jewell in the fourth round in 2018 and got good value out of the linebacker, who spent six seasons with the team. He just left this offseason, signing a deal with the Carolina Panthers.

That was a big loss for the Denver defense, but one that was expected. In Jewell's time with the Broncos, he racked up over 450 tackles and had nine sacks and two interceptions. He became a defensive leader for the team during some tough times, but also dealt with several injuries.

He still makes the list at No. 5 for the consistency he played with when he was out there, particularly in recent years. The Broncos will be tasked with trying to replace him in the starting lineup beginning with this coming season and that may prove to be difficult.