3 trade proposals for Jerry Jeudy the Broncos can't refuse

What trade offers for Jerry Jeudy would be too good for the Broncos to pass on?

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2. Jerry Jeudy to the 49ers

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Rumor has it, the Denver Broncos were holding out hope for a first-round pick in exchange for Jerry Jeudy in the 2023 offseason, and that's why nothing ever ended up materializing. At this point, I think getting a first-round pick is well out of the picture, but getting a haul like this from a contending team -- especially one with so many picks like the 49ers -- is perhaps within the realm of possibility.

The Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers have come together on a number of trades in the last handful of years, including one already this year involving a pick swap for Randy Gregory.

And it's still quite impressive that the Broncos were able to pull that one off.

When the Broncos traded Emmanuel Sanders to the 49ers a handful of years ago, they got a 3rd-and-4th-round pick in return. Now, Sanders was perhaps a more proven receiver at the time than Jeudy, but he was also obviously much older and wasn't under contract beyond that season. Here you have a young player who could end up being a fixture in San Francisco's offense, and the value of a 2nd and 3rd matches what Jeudy could potentially do for the 49ers.

If the Denver Broncos get this kind of offer, even from a team that could end up picking late in every round, I think it might be too good to pass up.