3 trade proposals for Jerry Jeudy the Broncos can't refuse

What trade offers for Jerry Jeudy would be too good for the Broncos to pass on?

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With a 1-5 record heading into Week 7 of the 2023 NFL season, the Denver Broncos are in a really brutal position. Sean Payton said he would be...ticked off if the team wasn't a playoff team. Well, he's hiding his anger publicly pretty well these days. The Broncos are on the brink of the remainder of this season's games being glorified preseason games for them, merely evaluation tools for the future. The Broncos are also in a position where another loss before the bye week would put this team in prime "selling" position at the October 31 NFL trade deadline. What would that mean for Jerry Jeudy?

Well, the short answer to that is, I think the team would be listening to any and all offers for Jeudy. But with Jeudy under contract in 2024 and one of the team's better young players, I don't think the Broncos need to take the only offer they can get for him right now. They have the leverage of keeping Jeudy the rest of this season, seeing if they can boost his value on the field, and get better value in the 2024 offseason.

Or just keep him.

Of course, by keeping him, you run the risk of Jeudy getting hurt out there, but the Broncos can't really be thinking like that. He's more valuable to them on the field than some team dumping a bad draft pick at Denver, trying to take Jeudy off their hands. The Broncos might be in a position right now where they want to get a look at Jarrett Stidham soon. Wouldn't Jerry Jeudy help get them the best possible look?

If some team wants Jeudy, they will have to blow the Broncos away with an offer.

3 offers for Jerry Jeudy the Denver Broncos can't refuse

1. Trade to Carolina Panthers

Jeudy Panthers

I think one way the Denver Broncos wouldn't be able to say no in a potential Jerry Jeudy trade is if they could get back on the board in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft. And perhaps not even just "back on the board" but to get Carolina's pick in round two would give the Broncos a very high return to the second round.

Remember, the Broncos have their own first-round pick in 2024 but they traded their 2024 2nd-round pick in the Sean Payton deal (receiving a 3rd-rounder back as well). To get back into the second round for Jerry Jeudy with the way things have worked out with him up to this point?

Well, that might be something the Broncos can't pass on.