3 things the Denver Broncos must do after trading for Zach Wilson

The Denver Broncos got down to business on Monday, and should now aim to accomplish these items on their to-do list.
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On Monday, the Denver Broncos have unveiled new uniforms, signed CB Levi Wallace, and traded for QB Zach Wilson. What should be left on their to-do list approaching the 2024 NFL Draft? Whew.

The Broncos have gotten down to some serious business on Monday, and unveiling new uniforms kicked off what turned out to be quite the day. The uniforms got mixed reviews, but everyone seemed to be united in favor of them bringing back the old-school throwback jerseys featuring the "D" logo and the powder blue color.

After that, news broke that the team signed veteran CB Levi Wallace, and shortly after that, more news broke that the team traded for QB Zach Wilson. Denver has been busy today, and with these three events all happening in the same day, what should be left on their to-do list approaching the 2024 NFL Draft?

1. Draft franchise QB and fill remaining needs in 2024 NFL Draft

The most important priority still remaining for the Denver Broncos is finding a franchise quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. Them trading for Zach Wilson should not impact their QB plans in the draft, and if it does, I'd be baffled. Wilson is truly one of the five-worst QBs this century, but you have to figure there is a reason why he was a second-overall pick and why Sean Payton wants him on the team.

I think at most, Wilson turns into a decent backup QB option for the Denver Broncos, and that might be the end goal here. The franchise QB is still not on the team. Other remaining needs that I believe Denver will address in the NFL Draft include EDGE, defensive line, and wide receiver, to name the top three.

The Broncos need some long-term promise at these three positions beyond the QB spot.