3 teams who can get in the way of Broncos QB pursuit in 2024 NFL Draft

Are the Broncos going to get their top QB prospect in 2024?

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I think it's unlikely that Denver trades up high enough to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, but for those second-tier QBs, there are a few teams who could get in the Broncos' way of drafting one of them. This might be the perfect year for the Broncos to bring in a QB in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The draft's QB class does seem like one of the better ones in recent years, so this might be the year for Payton and the Broncos. After benching Russell Wilson this year after a not-good-enough performance, the Broncos are going to be QB shopping in 2024.

Among the realistic QB targets, which three teams could get in the Broncos way of nabbing a QB?

3 teams who can get in the way of Broncos QB pursuit in 2024 NFL Draft
1. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are currently picking 11th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Broncos are currently picking 14th overall in 2024. The teams meet in Week 18 in what could be a very important game for both franchises.

The Broncos could shoot up the first-round draft board with a loss and some other help. However, the Raiders could still end up picking before them. And Vegas has a worse current QB situation than Denver does. Their big free agent acquisition in Jimmy Garoppolo simply did not work, and rookie Aidan O'Connell, who has been playing in place of Jimmy G hasn't been good either.

With the Raiders heading toward yet another rebuilding year, they could look to get a QB in the 2024 NFL Draft.