3 surprise players Broncos could go after at NFL trade deadline

After the win over the Chiefs, could the Broncos be buyers ahead of the trade deadline?

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2. Terrace Marshall Jr., wide receiver:

Both, Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton had solid performances against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. To be specific, Jeudy had 50 yards and a touchdown, and Sutton had 29 yards plus a touchdown. There are rumors that both, one, or none could be traded, due to their contract situations. If one is moved, it is very likely that it is Jeudy, since the Broncos could get a better return for him.

One of the teams that could be very interested in Jeudy is the Carolina Panthers, and if the Broncos want a receiver Marshall could definitely be an option, even as a part of a potential Jeudy trade.

Marshall is a former second-round pick from LSU, with 33 career games. He has 62 receptions for 751 yards (12.1 yards/reception) and 1 touchdown. He has been through six different quarterbacks in three years with Carolina. Just for you to get an idea, in fewer games played in college (28), compared to his NFL career (33), he had 1,594 yards and 23 touchdowns.

If Jeudy/Sutton is dealt, Marshall could make a lot of sense for the Broncos.