3 reclamation project QBs that Sean Payton could bring to the Broncos in 2024

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
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3. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Justin Fields was famously still on the board when the Denver Broncos were on the clock with the ninth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The team decided to pass on both Fields and Mac Jones and took Patrick Surtain II instead. Well, it appears as if the Broncos made the right decision. With that being said, Justin Fields does have a lot of encouraging aspects to his game.

And right now, the Chicago Bears are slated to pick 2nd and 3rd overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. They own the Carolina Panthers first-round pick, so if the Panthers keep losing, they could end up with the top pick. Furthermore, the Arizona Cardinals are preparing to bring back Kyler Murray, and they have the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft right now.

Murray coming back might mean a few more wins for the Arizona Cardinals, so they might not last at the top. With a new regime potentially coming in Chicago, I'd find it hard to believe that Fields would survive yet another front office and coaching change.


It might be more likely that someone trades for Fields. If someone could make Justin Fields work in the NFL, it might be Sean Payton, who is working with a similar QB in Wilson. And to be fair to Fields, he's in a horrid situation in Chicago. The offensive line is bad. The play-calling is inconsistent, and outside of DJ Moore, the Bears don't have another truly reliable wide receiver.

Sean Payton might love the chance to work with Justin Fields, which would perhaps allow some Broncos fans to get their wish of Fields being in Denver.

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