3 reasons why Denver Broncos can beat Buffalo Bills in Week 10

Can the Denver Broncos win 3 in a row?

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In perhaps the most important game of the season for the Broncos, the team travels to Buffalo to face the Bills, a team currently facing an identity crisis. In a recent article, I detailed why the Bills losing in Week 9 may actually be bad news for the Broncos. Buffalo tends to rebound in a big way following a loss, like clockwork.

My main fear is that Buffalo views Denver as a "get right game" and embarrasses the Broncos in primetime. Well, I do think Denver can win this game. They match up well against Buffalo and the Bills' defense is without multiple key starters. Can the Denver Broncos win three games in a row and beat the Bills in Week 10? Let's talk about why.

3 reasons why Denver Broncos can beat Buffalo Bills in Week 10
Sean Payton is stellar after the bye week

Jon Heath, who writes for the Broncos Wire over at USA Today, outlined just how good Payton has been after bye weeks:

"After starting his time with the Saints 0-3 after byes, Payton went on to go 10-3 in his next 13 post-bye games in New Orleans. Implementing what he learned from Reid must have paid off, and Payton will look to put it to use in Denver. After their bye, the Broncos will go on the road to face the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football in Week 10."

Jon Heath

Sean Payton apparently asked Andy Reid what he did during the bye week earlier in his head coaching career, as Reid is notorious for having his squads ready to go after the break. Well, Payton has implemented something similar, and additionally, the Broncos also have extra time to get healthy, which is huge.

Buffalo is coming off of a poor performance on Sunday Night Football. Not only was this game... at night, but they were also playing in Cincinnati, so they are that much more behind during prep this week opposed to them playing a 1 PM game at their home stadium.

Right now, the advantage in this department clearly goes to the Denver Broncos. Payton is a much, much better coach than Sean McDermott, and I trust that Payton will have his team ready to go during primetime.