3 reasons why the Denver Broncos will be an improved team in the 2024 season

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Low chance defense again starts historically bad

Seriously, what are the odds that the Denver Broncos defense allows a whopping 36.2 points per game across the first five games of the year? The team is not only better personnel-wise, but Vance Joseph is back for year two, so you have to figure that the group will have better chemistry and understand the defensive scheme better.

The Broncos do not have to have an elite defense for this team to be good. I do believe that this unit could finish middle of the pack, which would be a huge improvement, and give the offense realistic shots every week to play at their best. Any chance that the Denver Broncos could have an elite defense might be around the 2025 season.

Right now, the team simply needs to get out of the basement with this unit, and they can.

Year 2 of the Sean Payton era

Year 2, folks. The first year brought a lot of promise. Denver wasn't constantly shooting themselves in the foot. They were more disciplined overall and did show some nice things on both sides of the ball. The special teams unit was also among the best in the NFL, which should be a huge relief for Broncos fans.

The roster also got a much-needed infusion of talent in free agency and in the 2024 NFL Draft. Sean Payton's vision for the team is coming more into view, and it's clear that he had no desire to rip the roster down to the studs and rebuild. Just think; many of the Broncos' wins in 2023 weren't a fluke by any means.

But many of their losses were due to some unlikely circumstances, like the historically bad defense. This is a team that finished 7-4 across their last 11 games. The second year of this Payton era should bring an overall improved product.