3 reasons why the Denver Broncos can make the playoffs in the 2024 season

The Denver Broncos can make the playoffs in the 2024 season.
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3. Always at least one breakout team...

In 2022, the New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars broke out, each won nine games, and each earned a spot in the playoffs, winning one game. In 2023, the Houston Texans were the big breakout team, winning 10 games and also winning one postseason contest. Just about every year, there is an up-and-coming team that surprises.

And the Denver Broncos have the formula to be that team in 2024. They have the coaching staff from top to bottom. They have a rookie QB that fits what they want to do on offense. They have competent personnel on offense around the QB, and they also addressed their other biggest need, fixing the defensive line in the 2024 NFL Draft and with a trade for John Franklin-Myers.

Denver doesn't have the best roster in the NFL, and it might not even be top-10, but they have what's needed to make the playoffs. Heck, I'm not saying this team is going to win the Super Bowl, but if you told me that they won nine games in 2024 and clinched the No. 7 seed in the Wild Card chase, I'd not be surprised.

Modest progress can be made after their semi-encouraging 2023 season.