3 reasons why Denver Broncos can make the playoffs in 2023

Do you believe after Week 8?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Could the Denver Broncos Week 8 win versus the Kansas City Chiefs help ignite a huge run that eventually leads the team into the playoffs in 2023? I think it could. Call me crazy, but I think this team's identity is starting to come into shape and the team has done a total 180 over the last month.

Getting to 3-5 is by no means "out of it" if you will. The Broncos truly saved their season on Sunday, and they did it in dominating fashion versus the sick Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Now heading into their bye week, the Broncos can be buyers at the trade deadline. Buying a young player for a cheap price might be a great idea.

I also think specifically, if the team could get someone like Montez Sweat or Chase Young for a third-round pick, they should make that deal. They also should not shy away from trading away a player if they get a good price for him. At this point, should we now be talking about the Broncos potentially making the playoffs? I think there is reason to believe in this team.

3 reasons why Denver Broncos can make the playoffs in 2023
1. Defense is playing out of their minds over the last month

The defense surely still has some questions to it, but what cannot be denied is how much better the unit is playing over the last month. And to make matters more encouraging for them, two of these games have been against Patrick Mahomes. The Broncos' defense has allowed just four touchdowns over the last four games.

Opponents have scored just 19 points per game over the last month, so this defense is playing top-10 football. The first month of the season is greatly impacting where the unit ranks statistically, as they are still just 29th in points allowed, but over the last month, this has been one of the most efficient units in football.

They notched five more turnovers in Week 8 and are truly coming alive at the right time. Now at 3-5, this team is still very much in the thick of things, and they do have some pretty solid matchups with opposing quarterbacks in the coming weeks. Could the defense now shape into form and turn into a top unit like last year?