3 reasons to be worried about the Denver Broncos 2024 season

How worried should we be about the 2024 season for the Denver Broncos?
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Did the defensive front get enough talent?

The notable additions along the defensive line for the Broncos include John Franklin-Myers, Angelo Blackson, Malcolm Roach, and Jonah Elliss, who came from the 2024 NFL Draft. On paper, the Broncos DL did improve, but what if it wasn't enough? It's being nice saying that Denver's defensive front in 2023 was bad.

It was horrendous, perhaps the worst in the NFL. And to give the Broncos credit, they did bring in some bodies to hopefully help fix the unit, but bringing players in does not mean the issue gets fixed, and this could end up being a huge reason why Denver does not succeed in 2024. Had they fielded a competent DL in 2023, they'd have ended up in the postseason.

The AFC might just be too talented

If you're like, me, you might think that the Denver Broncos in 2024 could have the same season that the 2023 Houston Texans did. A young, up-and-coming rookie QB surrounded by great coaching and a solid roster. The Texans in 2023 went 10-7 and made the playoffs. To me, that is the ceiling of the 2024 Denver Broncos.

And right now, if I had to bank on it, I'd pencil in the Broncos around 8-ish wins for 2024. However, the AFC just has so much talent, especially at QB, that the Broncos might get drowned out this year. AFC features QBs like Patrick Mahomes, CJ Stroud, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Trevor Lawrence, Deshaun Watson, and maybe some up-and-coming passers like Will Levis and Anthony Richardson.

There is just so much talent here, and it could put the Broncos at a huge disadvantage, especially if Bo Nix takes some time to find his footing in the NFL.