3 free agency do-overs the Denver Broncos might have liked better in 2024

Could the Denver Broncos have had a stronger free agency period?
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The Denver Broncos had a solid free agency period. They did not overpay or spend a ton of money, yet their team is noticeably better on paper. However, here's how they could have had an improved FA period. There is always room for improvement, even with two-time defending Super Bowl champions.

There is no such thing as a perfect NFL roster, and no such thing as a perfect free agency or draft class either. The Denver Broncos, though, definitely embraced a clear plan with their free agency and draft hauls, and even though Bo Nix could end up not working out, it's nice to see the team go down the rookie QB path.

Beyond that, though, would the Denver Broncos "do-over" anything from free agency?

3 free agency do-overs the Denver Broncos might have liked better in 2024

Broncos should have signed TE Gerald Everett

The Denver Broncos hardly did anything with their tight end room this offseason. They did bring Adam Trautman back on a two-year deal. If nothing else, Trautman knows Sean Payton's system pretty thoroughly and can occasionally contribute to the passing game. He's also a competent blocker, so he's got some value for this team.

However, since Greg Dulcich cannot stay healthy, the Broncos are missing another viable player in this room. Gerald Everett signed a modest two-year deal with the Chicago Bears in free agency, and it was a move Denver should have made, especially if they were eye-balling a rookie QB this entire time. Over the last two seasons, which he spent with the Los Angeles Chargers, Everett caught 109 passes for 966 yards and seven touchdowns.

If you combine the career totals of Adam Trautman and Greg Dulcich, you barely have more production in their careers than Everett has had in 2022 and 2023.