3 reasons Russell Wilson is a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Reportedly, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Russell Wilson have mutual interest.

Russell Wilson
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3. The brand

Russell Wilson is Russell Wilson's biggest fan. He's almost annoyingly positive. He's married to a pop star. He's got a ton of his own brands. He loves the spotlight and all the attention he constantly gets. That's just who Russell Wilson is and has been.

Well, what better NFL brand is there but the Pittsburgh Steelers? It's the most legendary sports franchise in America, arguably. The team has had just three head coaches since 1969. The team is constantly among the most well-run, and yeah, even though they haven't won a playoff game in eight years, the team is still winning.

You never hear of the Steelers wrapped up in some sort of dysfunction or drama. It's a top-to-bottom well-run machine. Would there really be a better team for Russell Wilson's own brand than the Pittsburgh Steelers? And Pittsburgh is a die-hard football town as well; I should know, I live here.


From the stadium playing Renegade every home game to the old-school culture, the Pittsburgh Steelers, from an organizational perspective, are among the elites in the NFL. I do think Steelers fans would go crazy for Russell Wilson, especially if the Steelers are winning games.

It would be a win-win for both sides.

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