3 Reasons the Broncos have had the NFL's best offseason so far

Jack Ramsey
Houston Texans v Denver Broncos
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2) Free Agency Splashes While Maintaining 2023 Cap Space

The Broncos have made splash after splash so far in free agency. Whether it be adding to the offensive line, replacing pass rush that was lost to another team, or a new pass-catching and blocking back, the Broncos have been all over free agency so far.

Considering their lack of draft capital and abundance of expiring deals, the Broncos needed to be active in free agency. They were going to need to build an entirely new offensive line after having one of football's worst last season. They were going to need to either replace or retain Dre'Mont Jones, address a running backs room that had only an injured Javontee Williams, and work on a safeties room that had seen PJ Locke hit the open market (though Locke is coming back). On top of all that, they were going to need to find players to fit both a new offensive and defensive system. And to date, the Broncos have done that while maintaining more cap space for the rest of the free agency period.

Despite all of their moves, the Broncos have roughly $10 Million left in cap space, according to Sportrac. This allows them to continue to pursue some more moves, whether that be a larger contract for the likes of CJ Gardner-Johnson or maybe smaller moves that land more on the one-year side of things. Regardless of what type of deals they decide to use their remaining space on, the truth is that the Broncos have settled some long-term question marks, like with Mike McGlinchey, while also allowing them to add on to their 2023 roster and continue to improve. And to that I say, a job well done Mr. Paton.